1) Can Anyone Write Reviews?
Only members of SurveyGals and ThisGuySays can write reviews. You can join SurveyGals by completing the
Membership Application on the SurveyGals.com website. You can join ThisGuySays by completing the Membership Application on the ThisGuySays.com website.
  2) What Are The Rules For Writing Reviews?
A review must be a minimum of 25 words and pass our language review. In order for your reviews to be published, you must be a registered member of our website to write reviews. You will be given the option of writing 2 types of reviews: Express Reviews (under 250 Words) or Expert Reviews (250 Words or more). Please be advised there is a 1,000 word maximum on reviews.
  3) What Type Of Info Should Be Included In My Reviews?  
  • Your review should focus on specific features of the product & your experience with this product.
  • The best reviews give detailed examples as to why you did or did not like a product. Please be sure you give SPECIFIC REASONS that support your conclusion. Please talk about how this product compares to other products that you have used and the benefits that this product provided. Please let us know why you decided to use this product and if you will use this product again. If you feel the product needs to be improved, please provide us with specific suggestions as to how this product can be improved.
  • Product Ranking. You will be asked to rank a product on a scale of 1 (poorest quality) to 5 (highest quality).
  • We want to hear the GOOD & the BAD. It's very important that you compose quality reviews that detail the attributes and deficiencies of the product that you are reviewing.
  4) What You CAN'T Include In Your Reviews:  
  • No swearing or verbal assaults on any ethnic group.
  • Reviews under 100 words. Every product has a story and we want to hear it .... all of it!
  • Phone numbers, mail addresses, URLs, advertisements, paid links, affiliate marketing, or any form of link spam should not be included in your review.
  5) How Many Accounts Am I Allowed to Have?
You are only allowed to open one account. Abusing this rule will result in termination from our program & loss of Rewards Points.
  6) How Do I Access Product Reviews of Other Members?
To avoid reviewer bias, we are currently not publishing Member Reviews on our websites.
  7) The Honor System - We're Trusting You!
Please only write a review if you've used the product. Falsifying information can result in suspension from our program. Please be an honest & accurate reviewer. Your opinions are very important to our community and to the companies that work hard to develop products & services.
  8) Points & Rewards. How Do I Get Paid For Writing Reviews?
After registering, you will be emailed lists of products that need reviews & are eligible for Reward Points. We have partnered with RewardsGold.com - a loyalty point internet incentive company.

Reward Points are being earned by members when members take time to provide quality feedback on products. The information that has been provided in these reviews help companies make important decisions in improving their future products & services.

RewardsGold.com Reward Point Levels begin at 1000 Points. You will receive 250 Points for each Express Review that's been written and 500 Points for each Expert Review that's been written. Your reviews are tracked & the points that you have earned by writing your reviews are deposited in your RewardsGold account. You will be emailed by RewardsGold with your membership number and you will be able to view the points that you earn by logging into RewardsGold with your membership number. Registration with RewardsGold is required (at no cost) to view daily Reward Point totals. Registering with the RewardsGold.com program earns members 250 RewardsGold.com Reward Points.

RewardsGold.com Reward Points can be redeemed for online gift certificates.
  10) HELP! I Still Have Questions!
Please click here to visit our support page.
  YOUR OPINION IS IMPORTANT TO US! Thanks for joining our program & using your voice to help make tomorrow's products better than ever!  

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